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Animal Rights Documentary

A Different Kind of Farm

Animal rights documentaries like A Different Kind of Farm allow viewers a glimpse into life under the sea. This Hawaii-based documentary explores the world’s very first seahorse farm. Explore the process of building this seahorse farm from the group up with Carol and Craig Schmarr. Discover the fights to preserve the ecosystems within the local reefs to help these magnificent creatures thrive. Learn about pet industry activities and how this has affected the seahorse population in Hawaii. This documentary is intended to raise awareness about the pet fish industry. Furthermore, it explores the complexities of regulating it.

Winner, LA Femme International Film Festival’s Best Animal Rights Documentary.

In 1998, Carol and Craig Schmarr took their life savings and moved to Kona, Hawaii to save the endangered seahorse. Seahorses were disappearing from the oceans at an alarming rate. So, they decided to create the world’s first breeding farm. But the seahorse had never been bred in captivity and they were told by experts that it was impossible. This is the story of how they discovered the secret and endeavors to save the seahorse from extinction. Interviews with collaborators and critics shed light on the conflict that exists over the use of our endangered natural resources on the reefs of Hawaii, The Kingdom of Tonga, and elsewhere in the tropics.

A Different Kind of Farm documents the journey to save the seahorse. Interviews with their collaborators, critics, and fans shed light on important issues. This film explores the complexity of the “farm-raised” versus “wild-caught” that are so prevalent today in Hawaii and the entire world. While the global demand for reef tanks is increasing at an exponential pace, the need for farm raised fish has never been more important. The goal of this animal rights documentary is to bring awareness to these issues and find solutions.

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