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About Caroline Harding Productions

After graduating with a degree in creative writing from Florida State University in 1981, CAROLINE HARDING went to work for the local ABC affiliate. There she learned the ropes first working with news scripts, soon graduating to studio floor director, audio operator, and finally directing live news. In 1983 she moved to Los Angeles to work as Technical Director for the premier of the Disney Channel, eventually becoming Senior Video Editor for The Channel. Harding left Disney after five years to become a freelance writer for such publications as American Cinematographer, Los Angeles, National Wildlife, and Modern Maturity.

After writing a cover story for Modern Maturity Magazine about Dr. Barbara Korsch, M.D., Caroline Harding co-authored with Korsch The Intelligent Patient’s Guide to the Doctor-Patient Relationship for Oxford University Press. Korsch’s struggles in escaping Nazi Germany fascinated Harding, and she went on to produce and direct the documentary Portrait of a Pioneer – Barbara M. Korsch, M.D.

While on vacation with her daughter in Hawaii, Harding visited the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm where she learned of the struggle to mitigate the damage being done to the world’s reefs by the aquarium trade. Harding’s next documentary – A Different Kind of Farm – tells the story of the Sea Horse Farm’s founders and their quest to save the reefs.

Caroline Harding is now involved in writing novels and short stories and plans to direct and produce a project in the coming year.

Awards and Accolades