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Best Documentary Feature Winner

Portrait of A Pioneer

This film is part medical documentary and part exploration of the way we view doctor care. Portrait of a Pioneer has all the twists and turns that make for an exciting new show to watch. Directed by Caroline Harding, this film explores the life of Barbara Kosrch. As a groundbreaking physician and pioneer, she developed the definitive study of doctor/patient relationships. Dr. Korsch’s compelling narrative spans over 80 years. The documentary begins with the subject’s daring escape from Nazi Germany. Then, she begins life in the United States. As a young physician, Barbara Korsch’s battles with the medical establishment begin. This film takes the viewer on a must-see ride and asks thought provoking questions such as, “is my doctor listening to ME?” A combination of interviews as well as archival footage make this a must-see film. This exciting best documentary feature winner is not to be missed.


This is the story of a woman who made a daring escape from Nazi Germany. She blazed a fearless trail that would lead to many changes in the way medicine is practiced today. Dr. Barbara Korsch’s pioneering investigations into problems in the doctor-patient relationship made many established male physicians angry. But in the end, she triumphed. Her message: Doctors need to listen.

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